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Eight Steps To Sexyville – Post-Baby Slimdown January 16, 2008

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You know, it’s a shame, but no one tells you that after you’ve endured nine months of pregnancy, 20 hours or more of labor, and 6+ months of breastfeeding…that you’re still gonna look like you’re “in the family way”!  Yes, many women suffer from the all too common “post-baby bulge”.  You know what I’m talking about.  It’s that kangaroo-like pouch protruding from your mid-section.  The one you attempt to conceal with baggy sweats (sexy) and wide-width belts (fashion forward).  Dargone it, I’ve even seen women try to hide their bulges with strollers! Now that’s some covert action going on.

Now, I’m all for embracing the beauty within.  But if you’re like me and you want your beauty within to equal your beauty without, there’s got to be some determined actions taken…i.e. employing a “trim-down” regimen.

In order to turn your gluteus maximus into a gluteus minimus, there’s got to be some lifestyle changes.  No, you cannot eat a donut and coffee for breakfast, salad for lunch, and steak for dinner!  But what you can do is replace a few things, rearrange a few others and add a little bit of exercise and you may be in business.  Check out what I’ve got in mind…this is what I call The Eight Steps to Sexyville!

  1. Get Your Mind Right
    Positive, inspirational thoughts not only effect you psychologically, but physically as well.  If you mentally embrace the change you’re about to make, your body will follow suite.
  2. Catch Your Z’s
    It’s been scientifically proven, women who sleep less than 5 hours per night weigh more than women who sleep 7 hours or more.  If your baby’s not yet sleeping through the night, make a deal with hubby to help you out.
  3. Get To Steppin’
    Take your baby for a nice, moderate paced walk everyday for 30-60 minutes.  This burns stored fat and increases your metabolism.
  4. Juice, baby! Juice!
    Raw fruit and vegetable juice promote weight loss because they are low in fat and calories, but high in fiber, vitamins and minerals.  They also eliminate wastes quickly and keep your energy levels up while reducing your sweets cravings. Depending on your taste preferences, you can whip up all kinds of delicious but healthy concoctions. Check out my Smoothie Recipes post for some cool ideas.
  5. Five Small Meals
    Think, “less is more”.  Here’s the rule, whatever can fit into the palm of your hand is a meal…unless of course, you’re talking about a danish!  Healthy, organic, non-processed food is what we’re talking here, people.  Perhaps try a small, green salad with feta cheese and chicken breast slices; an apple; bunch of grapes, etc.
  6. Snack Attack
    This is in conjuction with #5.  Snack on raw nuts, fruit, yogurt, granola…whatever you know to be healthy and not filled with stuff you can’t pronounce.
  7. Hydrate Thyself
    Forget 8 glasses of water! Drink 10! Daily.  You may be able to replace that 30-60 minute walk in #3 for the frequent trips to the bathroom you’ll be making if you employ this step.  Trust me, if you’re drinking enough water, you’ll see those pounds washed away.
  8. Make Your Fridge Your Friend
    Now your fridge can’t be your friend if you’ve got 3 gallons of Almond Fudge Swirl ice cream setting up shop in there.  Nor can it be your friend if you’re giving the 5 racks of beef ribs free room and board in your freezer.  It’s also not your friend, with the nearest pizza joint’s magnet stuck to the door.  Empty your fridge of all temptation and replace it with food that supports your new found goal.  Sexyville!

It can be difficult to institute a dietary change, especially when the rest of the family isn’t down for the cause.  This is why I encourage women to get the whole family involved.  This isn’t just about getting you healthy, but it’s a lifestyle you’re implementing for your whole family.  If you’re healthy, more than likely, they’ll be healthy too.  If you feed yourself healthy food, more than likely, you’ll feed your family healthy food as well. If you exercise, they’ll exercise. Just start somewhere, when you see the positive changes occurring in your body, you’ll be encouraged and so will your family.  Remember, there’s nothing sexier than a healthy, happy mother, with a healthy, happy family.



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