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The Happier Life Chronicles – 10 Ways to a Happier Life February 28, 2008

1. Experiment to find out what makes you happy – It’s not brain surgery!  Find something new, something you’ve never done before.  You’ve probably never been polka dancing.  So try it on for size.  You may be surprised that you enjoy it as much as you do (although you may not admit this to others).

2. Surround yourself with others who are happy – Give “Nagging Nelly” and “Obnoxious Olivia” their walking papers.  We only want happy-go-luckies round these parts.  And if you can’t find Mr. or Ms. Happy-go-lucky, BECOME Mr. or Ms. Happy-go-lucky for yourself!

3. Count your blessings – Just take one minute a day and focus on the best things in your life.  It could be your kid, your dog, your spouse…it could even be that 20 minutes of solitude you find when you’re in the shower.  Exist in that place and enjoy it.

4. Gratitude sessions – Pick a person, any person who has done something you consider to be great.  Give them a call or email them, just thanking them for whatever it was that they did.  Even if they just smiled at you just when you really needed it.

5. Think solutions – We’ve all got problems, but what separates the “men from the boys” so to speak?  It’s who’s got the pot-stickers to solve the problems!  Focus on solving the problems don’t marinate in them.

6. Connect with others – spend time with the people you love, and those with whom you enjoy.  Do things together!

7. Accept things – your mom will always want to run your life, and your husband will probably leave the toilet seat up AGAIN!  But dargone it, that’s who they are and we’ve just got to accept it and accept them.  Love them and accept them.

8. Take time to savor life – This is affectionately called “Me Time”.  Spend the day with yourself, doing what you want to do – it could be nothing or a whole bunch of stuff.  Just leave your day planner at your desk, go to a park and walk barefoot.  Enjoy those moments.

9. I will survive – Gloria Gainer’s not the only one who can say that.  When crappy things happen, just keep thinking, “This too shall pass”.

10. Celebrate you – don’t focus on others and what they have and what they do well.  You’ve got something they don’t have, and do you know what that is???  Hell, I don’t know, but you should and that’s what you should be celebrating!  Now get out there and do the mamba cause you’re smokin’ hot.  Work it!


2 Responses to “The Happier Life Chronicles – 10 Ways to a Happier Life”

  1. bennyinny Says:

    Boy is Number 2 on this list so so important. You cannot be happy if you are continually surrounded by people who drag you down. If you started out a happy person – this situation will suck you dry of all your happy thoughts. You need to always find people and places that fill you with positives and happy thoughts. One thing I teach some of my clients and do myself when I feel I am slipping in the positive area or losing some of the happy thoughts is smiling… You cannot be thinking bad or negative thoughts when you have a smile on your face – go ahead try it… You just cannot!


  2. vishalbhargava Says:

    nice one…really worth applying in life
    keep writing

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