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Adult Time – Find it & Savor it April 22, 2008

After watching Madagascar for the 27th time with my toddler, who, by the way, only wants to hear the song at the end of the movie (“I Like To Move It, Move It!”), I realized, I hadn’t even so much as glimpsed at a non-animated/puppet TV show since, well, a long time.  My head is constantly filled with the ABC song and Old McDonald (you know, the one that had a farm – EIEIO).  And then, there’s my almost guaranteed response to everyone who asks how I’m doing…”Super Swell, thank you”.  Super swell???  I’m 30+ years old and my response to my well-healed, well-educated colleagues is, yup, “Super Swell”.  Bearing all this in mind, I’ve decided to compile a list of “Adult Time” joys for you and me.  While spending quality time with your spouse/significant other is definitely “Adult Time” worthy, that’s not what this is about.  Intimacy, and all the ‘additional’ stuff that comes along with it are great, but I’m talking about hobbies, interactions with friends, ecetera ecetera.

After a short investigation for my Adult Time joys project, I came across several great suggestions for moms across the status spectrum – busy, not-so-busy (I don’t know any mom that’s not-so-busy, but whatever), working full-time, stay-at-home, working part-time… you name it, there are hobbies and great activities for you.  So read on and if you think you’ve got a great hobby or activity I’ve failed to mention, please, by all means, post a comment and tell us all about it.

Scrapbooking – I have been amazed by the creations coming out of some of these scrapbooking ladies! From what I understand, it doesn’t take a Picasso to do them either.  This is truly for any level of busy you’ve got going on.  Search your phonebook or the web to find scrapbooking groups in your area.  Who knows it could turn out to be something you truly enjoy.  I have a friend who started out doing this as a hobby, then, due to her obvious skill and simply marvelous talent, she’s now doing it as a business.  Check her out with her scrapbooking self –

Photography – What a wonderful way to experience the world!  Capturing a scene from your perspective and memorializing it truly shows you how you see things.  Now you don’t have to go out and splurge on a million dollar camera, start with a disposable, then upgrade, then upgrade again.  There’s really no wrong way to do this.  If you prefer to have a little company, take a photography class and go out taking pictures with your classmates or just some friends with similar interests.  Just have fun capturing the pictures around you.    

Write a Book – Collaborate with an ADULT friend on writing an ADULT book.  Many of my friends ventured to write kids books and then realized, ‘OMG, I deal with my kids all day long and the only form of escape I have is writing a kids’ book?’  Then, of course, the idea was scrapped.  Not you, though.  Write a love story or a mystery novel.  Heck, get it published!  You might be the next Stephen King (only way cuter and with a  much better physique).

Take a Dance Class – This, by far, is my favorite.  I love shakin’ what my mama gave me!  It doesn’t matter if you dance like Elaine (on Seinfeld), or both of your left feet are crooked – dance is like music, universal. Look for dance classes at your local community college or community center.  Not only will you enjoy yourself, you’ll lose weight, meet others and have Adult Time joy in the process.  Warning: If your dance style could in any way endanger those around you, you may want to opt out of this one.

Start jogging – Some moms I know can’t live without their daily run.  Some moms I know would never come back if they started running.  But for those of you who would, think about this as a form of spending some much needed Adult Time.  Jogging/Running is fantastic on many levels and while you’re out, you can pick up the groceries and dry-cleaning – JK.

Hit the gym – On the same note, the gym would be a great place to make some new friends and engage in endorphin-releasing, sweat-inducing, heart-pounding Adult Time.  Don’t think I need to delve too deeply into this one… it kind of speaks for itself.

Volunteer – Volunteering at your local community center, elderly facility or library is a great way to get out there and start engaging in Adult Time.  You get to satisfy your desire to help others while fulfilling your desire to help yourself our of Romper Room!  Check out any volunteer opportunities in your local area –

Girl’s night out – OK, so this is not so novel, but much needed.  I don’t suggest doing it every week, but once a month is pretty reasonable.  Send an evite and gather up all your girlfriends (especially the ones with kids – kill two birds with one stone), and just hang out.  Get dressed up, put on make-up and do your hair. Resurrect the sizzlin’ hot chick you were before breast-pumps and pureed pears. 

Alright, it’s your turn.  If I haven’t exhausted every possible Adult Time joy out there (which, I’m most certain I haven’t), please post a comment suggesting your favorite one and any links to more info about it.  


One Response to “Adult Time – Find it & Savor it”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    I do scrapbooking too! (got to your blog from Tina’s). I love the social interaction I get at “crops” and online chatting with my scrapbooking friends. Another time I get to interact with adults it at my Girl Scout troop meetings. The girls are old enough (3rd and 4th grade) to mostly run the meetings themselves and one or two parents help. That affords the rest of us parents an hour or so to chit chat in the other room. I really have started to look forward to this mom time with my friends! Love your suggestions and I had a blast reading through your blog tonight. Awesome ideas!

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