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Sell Your Stove – More Raw Recipes May 30, 2008

This installment of Sell Your Stove has recipes to please both Herbies (herbivores) and Carnies (carnivores) alike.  It has become painfully clear to most, that consuming raw and/or lightly steamed veggies and raw fruit improves your health exponentially.  Of course, the main hinderance has always been taste, and we are slaves to our tastebuds (those wiley suckers).  Even if the food item could cure whatever ails you (and most raw fruit & veggies can), most people would still decline to consume the produce because of that five letter word, TASTE.  Keeping all this in mind, I went on a research mission, searching the ends of the virtual world, trekking high and low, across rivers and lakes (okay, okay…perhaps I overstate) to come up with what I think are some pretty darn good recipies for Carnies who just can’t get past their you-know-what.  Here are some tastebud inspiring raw recipes to win over even the most hard core Carnie.


Apple Salad in Lettuce Cups

3 1/2 cups of diced apples
1 cup of diced celery
1 cup of diced banana
1/2 cup of raw walnuts
1 cup of raisins
Half head of lettuce

Mix all ingredients (except lettuce) together and place in lettuce cups

Banana-Date Salad

1 cup of pitted, chopped dates
1 cup of diced bananas
1 cup of diced celery

Mix all ingredients together and serve over crisp greens

Nutty Vegetable Salad

1 small bunch of parsely
1 head of Romaine lettuce
1/2 chopped sweet pepper
1 cup of raw mixed nuts
1 cup of mini tomatoes

Mix all ingredients together and place on lettuce cups

Veggie Corn Chowder

2 1/2 cups of Almond Milk
5 ears of corn on the cob, shaved
1 small avocado
Sea Salt to taste

Put aside one handful of corn.  Blend everything else in a blender, pour into bowl.  Add the handful of corn and sea salt. “Living on Live Food” Alissa Cohen

Brocolli Soup

3 cups of water
1 cup of almonds
1 teaspoon of honey
2 cups of broccoli
1 avocado
1 clove of garlic
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 teaspoon of onion
1 teaspoon sea salt
1/8 teaspoon of cumin
1/8 teaspoon black pepper

In a blender, blend water, honey and almonds until smooth.  Add the rest of the ingredients and blend until smooth.

Banana Nut Ice Cream

2 frozen bananas (very ripe)
4 pitted prunes
1/4 tsp. of vanilla
1 handful of almonds
1 Tbl. honey

Blend all ingredients in a food processor or blender until you get the consistency of yogurt.

Live Fries

1 lb Jicama
1 Tbsp of onion powder
2 Tbsp of olive oil
1 Tbsp of paprika
Sea Salt to taste

Slice Jicama so that it looks like fries.  Combine all ingredients together in a bowl. Enjoy.

Raw Fruit Cereal

Cereal: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, kiwi, chopped peaches
Milk: blend a banana and enough water to make banana milk
Pour milk onto cereal and enjoy

So that’s my list for now.  Try them out and see how you like them.  Let me know what you think by sending me a comment on any of the recipes you’ve tried.


You Can Still Be Sexy On A Budget May 29, 2008

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It has come to this…trying to maintain your “sexy” while keeping a tight grip on your purse strings.  In these ridiculous economic times, it is indeed difficult to consider even the slightest pampering session as necessary.  No longer is anything sacred – the spa day with you and your girls; that bi-weekly hair salon rendezvous; a mani & pedi; even the “oh-so-needed” bikini & underarm wax have all been thrown to the dogs, in favor of putting food on the table and gas in the car.  And who could blame you?  Not I, for I am right there with you!  Yet, don’t you miss those days of sheer naivete? Don’t you ever look at your gas tank and think about all the OTHER things you could’ve done with that money? Me too.  So, as is my custom, I’ve set out to solve this cunnumdrum by finding ways to keep my sexy, even in these harsh and unforgiving economic times.  Read on and if you find something you like, as always, employ it.  If you don’t find anything you like, send me a comment suggesting something you think would help all the divas and divos out there who’ve got an APB out on their sexy!

Getting Sexy on a Budget

  • Do It Yourself – This is a no brainer.  What did you do before you started getting beauty treatments done by professionals?  Exactly. You did it your own darn self.  Just do a little research with that hair color before applying it all over your precious head.  No need to spend $5 for an at-home coloring system and then have to pay a professional $60 to cover up that Cobalt Blue!

  • Barter – We’re used to bartering for items deemed unusable.  Well darling, it’s time to adjust your way of thinking.  Say for instance, you ask your friend Linda to do your wax for you and you’ll babysit so she and her hubby can go on a much needed date.  Now there, both of you saved a ton of cash (well, not a ton, but it’s something).  And all you needed to do was purchase the wax from CVS.  Now, please ensure that if you are going to solicit your friends’ assistance in performing a bikini wax on you, that both of you are comfortable with the intimacy involved.  No need having your friend fondle your neather region for a 1/2 hour while you cringe with thoughts of inevitability…will she still respect me in the morning????

  • Partials – One lady I know goes to the stylist and has her hair cut and/or permed, then she comes home and colors and/or styles it.  That way, she pays a fraction of what it would cost her had she had the whole kit-n-kaboodle done at the stylist’s shop. 

  • Have a Party – This one is actually a little fun.  Send an evite (it’s friggin free for goodness sake) to all your girlfriends (the ones you like hanging with, not the other ones, they’ll just annoy the heck out of you and everyone else). Make it a spa party.  This is what you do – Each lady will purchase $10 worth of beauty treatments (this should be organized so no one brings the same thing), then each lady gets a full beauty treatment from all the other ladies.  You can make it full service, hair nails (fingers & toes), face, wax (remember what I said about your neather region), and anything else you want to style.  Not only will it be totally fun and a great get together, you’ll leave there feeling refreshed and sexy as hell!

  • Beauty Colleges – Yes, I know that students are the ones providing the services.  Yes, I know they don’t have their licenses yet.  Yes, I know they could totally cut chunks of your hair out without any recourse on your part.  However, the majority of the time, they do a darn good job and you can’t beat them for their pricing.  Just go, sit in somebody’s chair and pray you don’t hear those two stomach-wrenching words, “Uh Oh!”

  • Get Creative With Your Clothes – No you don’t have to be a contestant on Project Runway to do this.  A little mixing and matching is all.  You’ve already got clothes, no need to buy any more until your money stops looking funny.  So just figure out cool, stylish ways of wearing what you have.  Throw a jacket on over that clingy dress for a business casual look, or loop a scarf through the belt-loops of your jeans for a fancy-schmancy switch on the casual look.  Just remember that the items you choose should match as much a possible (same color family with some variation). 

  • Goodwill is your friend – If you must spend money on fashion, go to Goodwill.  No, that’s not an oxymoron!  Goodwill has got some pretty decent stuff and stylish too.  Just be selective and realistic.  You probably won’t find that Prada essemble within those doors, but darn it, you can find some no name brand that looks a heck of a lot like Prada and that’s what counts in these days and times!

Alright, so I’ve exhausted my options.  These few should get you started back on track to sexyville.  Like I said, if you don’t find anything useful, send me a comment and give me some suggestions on how to still be sexy on a budget.


Over 60 Prescription Drugs Induce Eye Disease May 22, 2008

In an effort to continue my all out attack on Big Pharma, I was perusing the electronic pages of our good ‘ole friend, Public Citizen, when low-n-behold!  A press release entitled, “Article in ‘Drug Safety’ Identifies 62 Drugs That Can Cause Eye Disease”!  Oh my…you don’t say. 

This is just another in a long line of FDA blunders.   One of the most recent being Permax, used to treat Parkinson’s Disease was found to increase the chance of blood backflow to aortic valves of the heart. Symptoms included shortness of breath, fatigue and heart palpitations. In 2006, about 12,000 patients received prescriptions in the US, however it was removed from the U.S. market in 2007.

But back to this eye disease business.  Isn’t it enough that the majority of drugs already on the market have been found to cause severe adverse effects to vital tissues and organs…now add insult to injury, and toss eyesight into the mix! The eye, as we all know, is a delicate entity, and full of cells requiring continued nutrition and replenishment.  When we ingest the prescribed toxins (or Big Pharma Candy as I like to call it), we deplete the eye’s cells of that much needed nutrition.  This depletion results in any of the following symptoms: cataracts, glaucoma, eye surgery complications, eyelid and conjunctival diseases, optic nerve diseases and retinal abnormalities. Loss of color vision, blurred and impaired vision, decreased night vision, skin lesions and blindness.  Yikes! So in order to, say, correct my IBS issues, I might have to sacrifice my vision.  No Thanks.

Now here’s a list of some of the pharmaceutical drugs that have been implicated in causing eye disease.  For the comprehensive list, go to

Chloroquine and hydroxycholoroquine, used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, amoebae and malaria;
The antibiotic linezolid;
Ethambutol, used to treat tuberculosis;
Alpha-1 blockers, particularly tamsulosin;
Botulinum toxin (Botox);
Morphine administered intravenously or by mouth;
And drugs in the anticholinergic and adrenergic categories

It goes without saying that anyone taking even one of the pills listed above or on the comprehensive list should pay extra special attention now to any changes, whether slight or severe, in vision.  I would even go so far as to request alternative meds to treat whatever ailment you’ve got going on.  Vision is not vital, but it is one of the most important benefits for those of us that have it.  Don’t allow you reliance on Big Pharma Candy to rid you of such an important aspect of your life. 


The Happier Life Chronicles – The Journey May 21, 2008

“We are so often caught up in our destination that we forget to appreciate the journey…” Author Unknown

There is a tendency, when striving toward success, to focus on the destination.  We are taught that this is the only way, the recipe, if you will, for success – envision yourself being successful and you will BE successful.  No one can dispute this tidbit of advice, for most successful people you ask will relay, almost verbatim, the exact quote, “I just saw myself being successful at __________, and within ______ years, I’m making more than I ever dreamed.”  Sound familiar? I thought so.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking the ‘success visionaries’.  It is good to maintain a healthy dose of mental directives when it comes to progress in life.  However, and perhaps this might impact you, most people spend so much time concerned with the goal, they overlook how they made it to the goal. 

I’ll take an ethereal/philisophical approach to this subject.  Goals we have set for ourselves or that have been set for us, are truly just markers for the next level of achievement.  The true achievement is what you must learn, apply, fail at, succeed at, and release in order to reach the goal set forth.  It is the character you build by sacrificing your time and energies for a specific purpose.  The person who starts the pursuit of the goal is rarely the same person who attains the goal.  You are different, your thoughts, your feelings, your belief about yourself.  It is in this that we can appreciate what the journey does for us.

“We do not care of what we have, but we cry when it is lost.” Russian Proverb

Could it be that we major in the minors?  The goal, in this scenario, being the ‘minors’.  When character is built and cultivated during a journey, the goal can truly, only be seen as the by-product.  However, in a results-driven environment, where the bottom-line is all anyone cares about, the path you took to get there is nothing more than an after-thought.  That is until another hurdle has to be jumped or deadline needs to be met.  This is when we employ the ‘path’ or ‘journey’, the lessons learned and the character built, to manage and secure that success…to meet the bottom-line.

The journey, whether a stroll in the park, a marathon, or an artist’s sketching, stretches our mind and our constitution.  The journey creates formidable strength and produces all that is needed.  Yes, the goal is celebrated, however, the journey should be revered.


The Water Birth May 15, 2008

You know that warm, bubble bath you prepare for yourself when the day’s been rough and the kids are acting up?  You know how you just sink into that glistening, sudsy tub and let you cares run away like gazelles on a pasture?  You know how your mind is just whisked away, into some far away land where the air is warm and the drinks are cool?  Well, a water birth is kind of like that, but without all the suds and gazelles and cool drinks.  It’s contractions and waiting and contractions and waiting… it’s pretty much labor in a tub full of warm water! But oh the benefits…

Waterbirth International states that, “support in water is one of the most beneficial things that can be offered to a woman in labor.”  Apparently the warm water calms and relaxes women during this stage of labor.  And who wouldn’t want to be calmed and relaxed at this stage of labor???  There are plenty more benefits too:

  • Facilitates Mobility – The woman can easily adjust to any position that suits her with minimal or no help.  She is in control of her birthing experience.
  • Speeds up labor – NEED I SAY MORE!!!
  • Reduces blood pressure – A relaxed mom is a healthy mom.
  • Provides significant pain relief – NEED I SAY MORE!!!!
  • Reduces the need for drugs or intervention
  • Encourages an easier birth for mom


Any woman considering a water birth is encouraged to seriously do her homework.  Water birthing is major business and it is imperative that all parties involved (mom, dad, doula, midwife, etc.) are fully knowledgeable about what they’re about to get into.  Here are some steps to preparing for a water birth:

  • Examine your motivations and expectations – will this be a comfortable setting and situation for you? Are you comfortable with being in a tub full of water partially clothed?  Are you modest, not-so-modest, an exhibitionist????? Whatever the case, make sure you have visited your feelings thoroughly.
  • The Tub – you have one of two options: rent a tub ($350-$400) or use your own (which might not be as adequate as the birthing folks would like, but then again, they’re not shelling out $400 to rent you a tub either!  The tub should be big enough to sit in comfortably and deep enough for the water to come up to armpit level.  Make sure the tub has been cleaned with any eco-friendly cleaner and rinsed thoroughly. The doula or midwife assisting will provide you with any other specifics.
  • The Water – the water should be pure enough to drink (not that you’ll be drinking it!).  Water temperature should be between 95-101 degrees F.  Adjust the temperature to what feels best for you.
  • The Birthing Room – No you’re not doing this in your bathroom! The room should be big enough to facilitate the midwife and her equipment as well as a host of visitors who have come to witness your little miracle. JK.  But really you need to have space to do this thing, confinement is not an option.
  • Edibles – You can drink (water, that is) all you want. You may also eat light, easily digestible foods.
  • Get in the tub – only when your contractions are coming in significant intervals. Adjust you position to whatever suits you.  Just be comfortable.

The birthing process with water births, like any other type of birth, varies.  Labor can stall or progress at lightning speed.  If you find that your labor isn’t progressing, get into the tub, or conversely, if you’re in the tub and labor isn’t progressing, get out of the tub.  The change in environment usually jump starts labor.

The Birth

Once the baby is born, he can be removed from the water.  Many mothers like to reach down and pick their baby up immediately, while others like to let the baby linger a little longer (no more than 30 seconds).  The baby will begin to breathe as soon as his face emerges from the water, until then, the umbilical cord does the ‘breathing’.  The placenta can also be delivered in the water, however this must be discussed ahead of time with your birthing assistant.

Some rightfully cautious persons have suggested that there could be risks involved with water births, however over the 30 years, as water births have risen in popularity, no risks have been determined.  Water birthing is as safe as or more safe than the traditional methods.  A growing number of obstetricians, as well as midwives and birthing centers believe that water birthing reduces stress during labor and delivery which, in turn, reduces fetal complications.  Water birth is definitely a viable option worth considering. 



Herbivore Nation – How To Deflate Your Spare Tire May 13, 2008

No, this is not a post on cool Auto-mechanic tips!  This is the ‘meat-n-potatoes’ (pardon the pun) of getting rid of that belly fat that has plagued you for years.   You’ve probably had it for as long as you can remember… those golden days of high school, the emancipating years of college, even early into your adulthood – you’ve always had your steady friend, the Spare Tire.  Well, no more.  Nothing lasts forever and considering the health and psychological detriment this ‘friend’ has caused over the years, I think it’s time we gave that hunk of burning fat it’s walking papers.

I know, I know, I know.  You wear your belly fat as a badge of honor for all the delicious and hearty meals you’ve eaten over your lifetime.  You accessorize it (the belly fat, that is) with all kinds of trendy belts and scarves.  You even slip that sucker into a bathing suit every once in a while, and why shouldn’t you?  Is it because your belly fat ‘friend’ increases your chances of getting diabetes?  Or is it because your belly fat ‘friend’ increases your chances of heart attack?  Perhaps, it’s because your belly fat ‘friend’ sometimes causes you embarrassment.  Maybe it’s all three and a host of additional major health related issues. You’ve worked hard to get that belly fat and you’re going to have to work extra hard to get rid of it.  It’ll be worth it though, because not only will you be healthier, you’ll be smokin’ hot!

More than likely, you have attempted to get rid of your spare tire.  You’ve exercised, you’ve dieted, you’ve done surgery, you’ve prayed and begged and pleaded with the big guy upstairs… to no avail.  So I guess you’ve realized that belly fat is one of the hardest spots to affect.  Why is that?  Glad you asked. Belly fat is a combination of poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, and genes.  The last one, can’t do a thing about, but, good news… the first two are in the bag.

Diet & Exercise

Now here’s where I can bore you with all the talk about glycemic indices and metabolic changes in ones system when ingesting all forms of fattening foods… but I’ll spare all of us that little piece.  The bottom line is, nothing can live if it’s not fed.  Thus your belly fat is being fed.  Fed by what?  Once again, I’m glad you asked.  Let’s take a walk through a hypothetical day of Mr. Belly Fat.

  • Morning – Mr. Belly Fat wakes up and does one of two things: he either inhales the coffee (with sugar & cream) and donut or other pastry; or he eats absolutely nothing (thinking this is going to get him on the path to belly fat loser-ville) not so.
  • Mid-Morning – Mr. Belly Fat is in his office and does one of two things: he either steamrolls down to the coffee shop, grill, or convenience store for his mid-morning snack (or picker-upper)- this usually consists of a muffin, omelet, etc.; or he eats absolutely nothing (thinking this is going to get him on the path to belly fat loser-ville) not so.
  • Lunch – Wooo hoooo!  Now this is where it all hits the fan (not that it didn’t already).  Mr. Belly Fat decides that since he’s been so good all morning (this is the ‘eats absolutely nothing’ belly fat), he deserves to go the extra mile with lunch, so he devours a steak w/ potatoes and lightly steamed veggies (because he’s dieting, couldn’t you tell?); or Mr. Belly Fat opts for a leafy green salad because he’s had so many fatty foods in the morning, he must redeem himself.
  • Mid-Afternoon – Mr. Belly Fat is on his downward spiral and needs another picker-upper.  He does one of two things: He picks up a piece of fruit from the nearest convenience store; or he opts for another coffee, just to make it through till he gets home.
  • Dinner – Mr. Belly Fat decides to really make an effort to not go overboard with the last meal of the day and does one of two things: He eats a portion of the leftover pot roast in the fridge w/ lightly steamed veggies (because he’s dieting, couldn’t you tell?); or he goes to bed without eating dinner (thinking this is going to get him on the path to belly fat loser-ville) not so.

This is how belly fat is fed.  The choices made with regard to what is eaten and when absolutely creates and maintains this unhealthy state.  Did you see any form of exercise in Mr. Belly Fat’s day?  Perhaps when he walked from his office to the convenience store and back… yeah, that’s exercise! There is no question why and how belly fat remains, it’s being fed.  You may wonder how belly fat remains with just one meal a day (like Mr. Belly Fat who ate only lunch) – once again, I could bore you to tears with the hard facts of how fat cells work, ecetera, ecetera… but I’ll spare us all that little piece.  Your body’s not stupid, if it sees that it’s not getting what it needs to survive, it’ll hold on to what it has and not let go. Sure, it’ll eat away at toxins and other unwanted residents, but starvation is probably the worst way to induce weight loss.

Let’s move on to how to deflate the spare tire now that it’s set up shop in your gut.  Here are some really cool tips on diet and exercise that will help you trade in that keg for a six pack.

  • Diet – No, don’t go on a diet, change your diet.  Start the old switch-r-roo from coffee and pastries in the morning to a more balanced and detoxifying eating style.  This will take some practice but you can do it.  You’ll want to work on your percentages.  For example of 100% of your meals for the day you’ll do something like this: 35% lean protein (beans, nuts, tofu, and plenty of leafy green veggies), 35% high fiber carbohydrates (flax, mustard greens, avocado, collard greens, spinach, broccoli, blackberries, zucchini squash, & strawberries), 30% healthy fats (flax seed, olive oil, most nuts, avocado, olives, most seeds).
  • Exercise – Yeah baby, you’ve got to burn that sucker off.  Instead of choosing to jog everyday for 30 minutes a day, why not mix it up a little?  Try 3-5 times a week with a varied bag of exercise choices (swimming, walking, jogging, pilates).  These exercises, when combined attack the whole body, not just the belly fat, which in turn will create a more harmonious weight loss effort.
  • Mental Constitution – Get your mind right!  You’ve got to let go of the stresses and embrace a more relaxed approach.  For some, when they get stressed out, they eat and they eat and they eat.  What does that equate to?  You’ve got it.  Belly Fat, in fact, it equates to ‘All Over Fat’, not just in the belly. So attempt to reduce the stress in your life by perhaps employing meditation, massage, visualization, prayer, whatever works for you. 

You are well aware that your belly fat is not doing you any favors by just hanging on.  You know that if you are to lead a healthy life, it’s got to go.  So, get on the road to getting it gone.  

Let me know what you think of this post by leaving me a comment.  Thanks.