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You Can Still Be Sexy On A Budget May 29, 2008

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It has come to this…trying to maintain your “sexy” while keeping a tight grip on your purse strings.  In these ridiculous economic times, it is indeed difficult to consider even the slightest pampering session as necessary.  No longer is anything sacred – the spa day with you and your girls; that bi-weekly hair salon rendezvous; a mani & pedi; even the “oh-so-needed” bikini & underarm wax have all been thrown to the dogs, in favor of putting food on the table and gas in the car.  And who could blame you?  Not I, for I am right there with you!  Yet, don’t you miss those days of sheer naivete? Don’t you ever look at your gas tank and think about all the OTHER things you could’ve done with that money? Me too.  So, as is my custom, I’ve set out to solve this cunnumdrum by finding ways to keep my sexy, even in these harsh and unforgiving economic times.  Read on and if you find something you like, as always, employ it.  If you don’t find anything you like, send me a comment suggesting something you think would help all the divas and divos out there who’ve got an APB out on their sexy!

Getting Sexy on a Budget

  • Do It Yourself – This is a no brainer.  What did you do before you started getting beauty treatments done by professionals?  Exactly. You did it your own darn self.  Just do a little research with that hair color before applying it all over your precious head.  No need to spend $5 for an at-home coloring system and then have to pay a professional $60 to cover up that Cobalt Blue!

  • Barter – We’re used to bartering for items deemed unusable.  Well darling, it’s time to adjust your way of thinking.  Say for instance, you ask your friend Linda to do your wax for you and you’ll babysit so she and her hubby can go on a much needed date.  Now there, both of you saved a ton of cash (well, not a ton, but it’s something).  And all you needed to do was purchase the wax from CVS.  Now, please ensure that if you are going to solicit your friends’ assistance in performing a bikini wax on you, that both of you are comfortable with the intimacy involved.  No need having your friend fondle your neather region for a 1/2 hour while you cringe with thoughts of inevitability…will she still respect me in the morning????

  • Partials – One lady I know goes to the stylist and has her hair cut and/or permed, then she comes home and colors and/or styles it.  That way, she pays a fraction of what it would cost her had she had the whole kit-n-kaboodle done at the stylist’s shop. 

  • Have a Party – This one is actually a little fun.  Send an evite (it’s friggin free for goodness sake) to all your girlfriends (the ones you like hanging with, not the other ones, they’ll just annoy the heck out of you and everyone else). Make it a spa party.  This is what you do – Each lady will purchase $10 worth of beauty treatments (this should be organized so no one brings the same thing), then each lady gets a full beauty treatment from all the other ladies.  You can make it full service, hair nails (fingers & toes), face, wax (remember what I said about your neather region), and anything else you want to style.  Not only will it be totally fun and a great get together, you’ll leave there feeling refreshed and sexy as hell!

  • Beauty Colleges – Yes, I know that students are the ones providing the services.  Yes, I know they don’t have their licenses yet.  Yes, I know they could totally cut chunks of your hair out without any recourse on your part.  However, the majority of the time, they do a darn good job and you can’t beat them for their pricing.  Just go, sit in somebody’s chair and pray you don’t hear those two stomach-wrenching words, “Uh Oh!”

  • Get Creative With Your Clothes – No you don’t have to be a contestant on Project Runway to do this.  A little mixing and matching is all.  You’ve already got clothes, no need to buy any more until your money stops looking funny.  So just figure out cool, stylish ways of wearing what you have.  Throw a jacket on over that clingy dress for a business casual look, or loop a scarf through the belt-loops of your jeans for a fancy-schmancy switch on the casual look.  Just remember that the items you choose should match as much a possible (same color family with some variation). 

  • Goodwill is your friend – If you must spend money on fashion, go to Goodwill.  No, that’s not an oxymoron!  Goodwill has got some pretty decent stuff and stylish too.  Just be selective and realistic.  You probably won’t find that Prada essemble within those doors, but darn it, you can find some no name brand that looks a heck of a lot like Prada and that’s what counts in these days and times!

Alright, so I’ve exhausted my options.  These few should get you started back on track to sexyville.  Like I said, if you don’t find anything useful, send me a comment and give me some suggestions on how to still be sexy on a budget.


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