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Vitamin C – Now You Can Fire Your Doctor! March 16, 2008

Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, is water-soluble and is essential for normal body function.  Unlike most animals, humans lack the ability to make their own vitamin C, therefore we must obtain it through our diet (i.e. fresh fruit & vegetables).  The FDA suggests we get 60 mg of vitamin C daily, however for optimum health, beauty and the proven eradication of several diseases and illnesses, a significant increase should be employed.Two of the pioneers in Vitamin C research, Dr. Fred Klenner and Dr. Linus Pauling have documented successful and dramatic Vitamin C cures for anything from common cold to snake bites to cancer.   These two hypothecated that with increased levels of Vitamin C intake (up to 10 grams daily), the body would detoxify itself of any unwanted disease or elements.  Although the facts and proof were on their side, the medical establishment widely ridiculed and ignored them.  Guess Big Pharma couldn’t find a way to make money off an un-patentable source such as Vitamin C.  Nonetheless, here’s a short list of indications Vitamin C has been proven to cure: