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The Happier Life Chronicles – De-tox, De-Clutter, De-Stress March 13, 2008

You probably haven’t realized it, but when you’re full of crap (i.e. toxins, waste, bacteria), your brain doesn’t function very well.  You also probably haven’t noticed that when your space (i.e. bedroom, garage, office) is cluttered you feel a little more on edge and less focused.  The contents of our guts and items within eye-shot significantly affect our mental prowess.  Which is why you need to purge on the regular.  You could practice stellar dietary habits and maintain an office of precision and organization, but at least twice a year, you’ll need to rid yourself of the excess.
We’ve heard of all kinds of detoxification  programs and there are more than enough “How To Clear The Clutter From Your Life” articles to mention.  However, when you incorporate both of these, you’ll find a mental clarity that is unsurpassed.  Thousands upon thousands have experienced emotional and physical breakthroughs by de-toxing and de-cluttering their lives.  I’ve assembled a short-list to assist you in de-toxing, de-cluttering and de-stressing your life.
There are seven channels in the body from which we eliminate: the liver, colon, kidneys, lungs, skin, blood, & lymphatic system.  To purge your body by cleansing or detoxifying we can choose several means:

  1.  Flush – Colon hydrotherapy is the therapeutic application of water to the colon.  This therapy helps to tone the bowel and assists in resuming normal elimination function.  When the bowel is functioning normally, constipation and other abnormalities of the colon can be eradicated.
  2. Dietary changes – The following items are no friend of yours: refined sugar, refined flour, caffeine, alcohol, artificial colors, refined oils, preservatives, and that hamburger you ate yesterday.  When we eliminate these toxins from our diets, and replace them with nutrients and vitamins, our intestinal health will begin to soar. 
  3. Herbal Cleanse – Herbal cleansing is probably most well-known of all types of detoxification methods.  There are various detoxifying herbs, that when combined, provide the desired effect.  Some herbs provide a mild to medium cleansing mode while others generate a more intense cleansing.  Before initiating an herbal cleanse, consult with a Master Herbalist or other holistic healthcare professional.
  4. Sweat it out – You can maximize your cleansing regimen by frequenting the sauna.  The skin is the largest organ in the body, therefore, it has the capacity to release an enormous amount of toxins through sweat.
  5. Exercise – Physical activity is beneficial in excreting toxins from the lymph.  When you breathe deeply, toxins are removed from the cells and enhances immunity.
I was inspired by an article I read in Zen Habits about becoming an un-clutterer.  An un-clutterer is a person who has systems in place to organize things he/she owns.  There is a place for everything and everything is in its place.  Imagine that!  That little “doo-hicky” that goes on the “thing-a-ma-jig”, has its own special place.  Here are a few tips to purging your space by de-cluttering: 
  1. Put a process in place for papers that come into your house or office – If you open mail at your desk, make sure you have a trash can, recycling bin, file cabinet, shredder, sticky notes, pens and pencils within arms reach.  If your “storage” system is walking distance from your desk, guess where those papers will remain.  ON YOUR DESK!
  2. Put a process in place for meals in your home – If you’re the “designated” chef, you’re going to truly benefit from this little tip.  If you’re the “designated” trash-compacter, well you can help take notes.  Create a meal plan.  This saves time, $$, and stress.  Plan ahead (preferably Saturday or Sunday) what will be eaten in your house for the next seven days.  Organize the meals with their assigned days and coordinate any prep time involved.  List the grocery items needed, accounting for snacks and fresh produce life span.
  3. Put a process in place for laundry – If you own more clothes than you can wash at one time, you’ll probably have some instances of clutter.  You will either have to get rid of the excess clothes or implement a more practical laundry routine.  You can purchase clothes that are easily laundered – having to iron or delicately wash clothes is more time consuming and honestly, it’s a drag. You can even try getting your kids in the mix, if they’re old enough to ask for money they’re old enough to do laundry.  You may also try placing a table in your laundry room so you can fold the clothes immediately after drying.
  4. Put a process in place for the cords & cables for your electronic equipment – If you’re a techie, you certainly can appreciate this little tidbit.  How many times must you go through that box of cords and cords, and cords and cables, looking for that one that goes with the monitor?  You spend more time looking for it than you do using it.  Just take a 1/2 day and label those things.  
In one of my recent postsThe Happier Life Chronicles – 10 Ways To Reduce Stress, I discuss several ways to reduce stress in your life.  Here’s a short list of what I wrote:
  1. Identify the stress culprits – Consider all the things that cause you stress in your life.  Make a long list of just about every darn thing that causes you stress, then make the  short list of those that are most offensive.
  2. Exercise – Physical exercise is always beneficial whether it is to lose weight or to reduce stress, or both.
  3. Don’t procrastinate – Allowing responsibilities to languish until the last possible minute increases stress.  Simply do what needs to be done when it needs to be done and be done with it!
De-toxing, de-cluttering, and de-stressing your life will mean employing significant changes.  You may need to minimalize your life, by perhaps purchasing fewer nick-knacks.  You may want to de-commit on some commitments that just sap your energy and positive attitude.  You may want to clean out your fridge and start purchasing food items that contribute to your health instead of subtract from it.  Whatever the change you make, if any at all, make sure that you are removing toxic, intrusive, negative attitudes as well as toxic, intrusive, negative items.


The Happier Life Chronicles – 10 Ways To Reduce Stress March 6, 2008

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You’ve got a job, you’ve got a family, you’ve got rent or a mortgage, a car note, bills – and the list goes on and on and on.  Now let’s sum up the entire collection, you’ve got stress.  Stress can come in the form of one of these or all of them, or some of them, it’s a part of life.  Having stress in any form is not necessarily a negative if you manage it well, however, most of us take on too much to bear, which means we’re not managing it well.  Many of us live light years beyond our means.  We say ‘yes’ to about 85% of the things we should say ‘no’ to, and we spend more time focusing on minor issues that sap our time and energy.  It’s imperative that we regroup and, running risk of sounding like a crazy hippie mom, find our center and exist in that space.  Here are 10 tips to help you do just that:

  1.  Identify the stress culprits – At night, after your day is done, while you’re laying in bed, consider the things that caused you stress during that day.  Think about any stresses prior to leaving the house for work, stresses on the way to work, stresses at work, stresses on the way home, stresses at home.  Then, at the end of the week, consider what caused you stress during the week.  Think about each day and try to identify what the culprits were.  Make a list of the most egregious offenders. Review your list and consider ways to reduce the level of stress each of the items caused, if you can, eliminate them all together.
  2. Get organized – While this is a post within itself, organization or the lack thereof is one of the most stressful areas of life.  Plan your day the night before.  Remove clutter from your home, office and car – visually, it’s a stressor.  Organize your life and watch the stress shrink.
  3. Meditate – Practicing meditation regularly has shown to be an effective stress reducer.  When you stop to clear your mind and cultivate a quiet time, your brain has time to relax.  Just like the body needs rest, so does the mind.
  4. Exercise – You don’t have to become an Iron Man, but employing a few rounds of regular physical exercise can be beneficial in reducing the stress you experience everyday.  If you’re on your feet all day, you may want to consider a more stretch based style of exercise.  If you work in a more sedentary environment, an active workout may do the trick.
  5. Sex – Oh yeah!  I can think of nothing more stress-relieving than sex.  Unless you’re a celibate monk or Catholic priest, you can find somebody to help you out on this one.  Remember – Safe Sex, Long Life.
  6. Listen to music – It has been proven that music has a therapeutic effect.  Perhaps, try some music set to nature sounds like a waterfall or rain with a guitar in the background.  Make sure that whatever you choose, it relaxes you.
  7. Visualization – Imagine yourself some place other than where you are – which is in the stressful situation.  Some people find basking in the tropical sun a relaxing thought, or perhaps sitting on the beach watching the waves roll in.  Find something that works and use it, often.
  8. Don’t procrastinate – allowing responsibilities and commitments to languish until the last possible moment is a major stress.  Do things in good time then you won’t have to worry about everything getting done on time or at all.  See my post entitled Productivity Quadrupler. 
  9. Laugh it off – Try laugh therapy when stress is at its highest levels.  Fake it till you make it!  Laughter, even if contrived, can have a positive effect on your outlook.
  10. Cry – Sometimes the best way to rid yourself of overwhelming stress, is to cry it out.  Find a place where you can be alone, or have a friend you trust there to comfort you, and just let it all out.  Try communicating your feelings to your friend or just to yourself if that makes you feel better.  The goal is to relieve yourself of this unbearable burden, and if crying gets you to do that, then it’s worth a try.
Stress can be hard to get rid of, in fact, no one’s life is free of it.  However, by utilizing a few of these, or all of them if your case is severe, you may find yourself on the winning end of a stress-less life.  Take it one day at a time, but remember that if you don’t check the stress in your life, you may not be around to enjoy that life.